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Strategy of LOB for 2013-2020 adopted

On 2 March during the annual general meeting the strategy of Latvian Ornithological Society (LOB) for 2013-2020 was adopted. The mission of LOB remains unchanged: to conserve diverse and viable fauna of wild birds of Latvia. The strategy will continue to be based on four main pillars: People, Species, Sites and Habitats and sectors. The existing objectives and tasks are mostly kept, merging them if necessary. The main difference with the previous strategy is the addition of expected results and indicators, which will allow more targeted implementation and monitoring of the strategy.

Viesturs Kerus, CEO of LOB, comments: "The period until 2020 is the time of great plans. During this period EU Biodiversity Strategy, National Development Plan of Latvia and our own strategy of BirdLife International will be implemented. By matching our strategy with the same period we will be able to see our work clearly in the context of these great plans and evaluate our contribution to them. Nevertheless, the strategy of LOB is standing on its own two feet as our goals for the birds and people of Latvia are clear to us irrespective of the other plans."

During the annual general meeting the members of LOB were also informed on the work of LOB in 2012 and plans for this year as well as options of participation in new activities: Monitoring of raptors and owls and European breeding bird atlas.